How much is my home worth?

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How is the approximate value determined?
A market analysis of your property is carried out (houses and apartments ONLY)
We look at different advertisement websites to understand the current real estate market in the context of the relevant property.
Our real estate agents assess the condition of your property
Property condition, visual condition of the building and staircase; if you are selling an apartment, what is its location on the floor, is there a balcony, basement, storage room, parking space, what is the area like, is it sold with furniture, etc.
The opinion of the real estate appraiser is taken into account
We collaborate with several real estate appraisers that give us verbal evaluation.
In the context of your property, estates sold in the last year are studied
Using the real estate market analysis tool, and by examining the transaction database.
The "competitors" for your property in the relevant area are contacted
To understand the number of potential interested parties, and what is the reason why their property has not yet been sold.
All acquired information
and years of experience

Are compiled and the value estimated!
We sell on a daily basis and always
represent the interests of our clients
With our support:

"Sell your property for a higher price than your neighbor does!"
What you need to prepare, so that we can give
the most accurate evaluation
  • Current printouts of the Land Registry
  • Inventory files or cadastral survey files
  • Real estate pictures - front door, staircase,
    facade, rooms, WC, bathroom, etc.

How we evaluate your real estate
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    I have studied law and psychology in university and have finished a course in life coaching. I am passionate about interior design, photography and I like an active lifestyle. Helping others makes me happy and I find real estate trading a good challenge for me.

    Finding exactly what the client needs is a thing that I cherish in this job.

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    A person who has been working in the real estate industry for more than 15 years, helping people buy and sell houses, apartments; bringing owners of investment properties and people looking for a place for their business goals together. During these years, Renars has gathered like-minded people around him and created ReLive - a simple and understandable partner for your real estate transactions.

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