SEB interview
A representative of SEB banka visited the ReLive team to answer our clients' questions
The ReLive team always follows the latest developments not only in the real estate market, but also in the field of banking services, which facilitate opportunities to purchase real estate, with great interest and passion.
In this conversation you will learn:

  1. What is important to know when taking a loan?
  2. Is it possible to get a loan even if the credit history has been tainted?
  3. Does the age of the borrower play an important role?
  4. Could and if yes how could the war situation in Ukraine affect the lending sector?
  5. What are the main prerequisites for a person to be granted a loan for the purchase of a home?
These and 15 more questions about the most important in the field of home loaning: watch the conversation in this video!
Funny moments with SEB
Filming curtains and hearty laughter always create a great atmosphere and make people happier!
The ReLive team, our cooperation partners and customers always value a positive attitude.
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